Amazon Cheap Alternative?

Amazon Cheap Alternative?

Is Amazon a Cheap Alternative?

So I often get asked what makes Super Lights better than a cheap $25 set from Amazon? Good question.

Let me point out some of the differences:

  • If you look at the photos used for almost ALL the lights offered on Amazon, you will see that they are lying about what they are capable of right off the bat. They typically show the strip with MULTIPLE colors displaying at once. This is a lie. The sets are only capable of displaying a SINGLE color at a time! And they are normally 30 LEDs per meter, but will show 60 LEDs per meter in the photo (see above photo).
  • The sets usually have 2 strips at 5 meters each with 150 LEDs on each strip. Your cage ring is only capable of using about 4 meters. This means you need to cut off 1 meter, eliminating 30 LEDs and shortening the strip to 120 LEDs.
  • The LED strips are 12 volts, which you will have to replace with an RC 3S Lipo battery. If you want to get at least one flight out of your lights, you will need at least 2,000mAh. The CHEAP batteries in this range are going to run you about $20 on Amazon.
  • Both LED strips combined are usually only 5 watts of power.
  • Now, to go with your shinny new battery, you're going to need a charger for it. That charger is going to run you around $50 (if you can find a dedicated charger for the battery you just bought, you might get away with $20).
  • But wait, that new shinny battery doesn't come with over/under charge protection! Which means you will probably run the battery down past its allowable discharge point. Now your battery is going to PUFF up and then it's not safe to use anymore. And you don't want a flaming LiPo battery attached to your cage behind you!
  • Since you will need to charge your battery, you will also need to purchase the mating end for the connector and solder it on to your light set's power cable. That's another few dollars, plus the soldering iron and solder if you don't already have that.
  • That fancy remote that it came with, well it's IR so it doesn't work too well outside. And try using it while in the air without dropping it. Or better yet, try using it with gloves.
  • The zip ties you'll need will run you about $5 too.

When this is all said and done, you're into your "cheap" set about $100 or more, spent a lot of your personal time soldering and cutting to fit your motor, and all you end up with a set of lights that only displays one color at a time, doesn't last very long, and will probably ruin the battery you bought rather quickly. Oh, and these can't be used for your twilight strobe!

Super Lights to the Rescue!

Super Lights come with all these great features!

  • You'll get twice the LEDs! 480 LEDs on the regular set.
  • Each LED is individually addressable, making all the patterns possible and cool flame affects possible.
  • You get a 10,000 mAh battery with built-in protection! No puffy battery.
  • Will last for more than 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge!
  • Fly legally at twilight with the builtin strobe pattern! And assist your twilight landing with the builtin "Landing Lights" pattern.
  • Convenient built in 1+ amp USB charger!
  • The controller has 9 velcro attachment points and four holes for an unlimited amount of mounting options.
  • Capable of over 30 watts of continuous power output!
  • 44 unique patterns which can be user customized for an almost unlimited number of patterns!
  • Several display modes to impress your friends!
  • Always remembers your settings and goes back to the last pattern displayed when turning the controller on.
  • Simple controls that are easy to remember and work while wearing gloves.
  • And you're supporting a fellow paramotor pilot, keeping your money within the paramotor community!

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