FAR 103 and Super Lights

Most people incorrectly interpret FAR 103 for twilight flying on a paramotor and assume that the strobes they use need to be visible for 3 statute miles during the day, and this is not correct. 

Even though the section is labeled "Daylight operations", the subsection (b) and (1) state the strobe is only required during those twilight hours. A full set of Super Lights with both a forward and backward face strip of LED lights satisfies this requirement.

Super Lights were tested at twilight with another pilot in a Cessna approaching the test paramotor outside the 3 statute miles and the paramotor pilot displaying the aircraft strobe pattern was clearly visible in the sky.

Sec. 103.11 Daylight operations.

(a) No person may operate an ultralight vehicle except between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this section, ultralight vehicles may be operated during the twilight periods 30 minutes before official sunrise and 30 minutes after official sunset or, in Alaska, during the  period of civil twilight as defined in the Air Almanac, if:

(1) The vehicle is equipped with an operating anticollision light visible for at least 3 statute miles; and
(2) All operations are conducted in uncontrolled airspace.

Available Strobe Patterns in Super Lights


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