Super Lights v4.1 Update

This update corrects slight geometry issues with flags in the Flag group and only applies to the version 4.0 firmware.

The original flag patterns were created with lights that went completely around the cage ring. Most cage rings don't allow lights to extend past the netting at the bottom. This in some cases was throwing off the flag patterns. This has now been corrected on all flag patterns.

If your flag patterns are not displaying quite right, first try re-programming the light set for your cage ring (instructions on back of the controller). If that doesn't work you will need to update the firmware in your controller.

I go to many of the flyins on the East Coast, and if you see me at one I can update your firmware to the latest. If not, I will be posting links to the software needed to flash your own controller's firmware and the latest firmware, so you can perform this action yourself.


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