Extra 4" Zip-ties for Lights

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Small zip-ties are used to attached either a Single or Double set of LED lights to the netting on a paramotor cage ring. We include forty (40) zip-ties which will allow about one (1) zip-tie per three (3) inches, which is more than enough to secure your LED lights to your cage ring.

For a Single set, attach the LED lights to the 'pilot' side of the cage getting as close to the ring as possible. For a Double set we recommend attaching the same way with the sets back to back, but you could also sandwich the front facing and rear facing LED lights with the netting between. This would leave one LED light set on the motor side, which is not optimal. 

 No matter which way you install your lights, be sure to add to your pre-flight the inspection of the lights around the cage before committing to the air!

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