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The Super Harness was created to address problems with the original FlatTop harness design.

First, the FlatTop doesn’t have a good replacement solution when your harness wares out. When it does, you have to purchase a set of new weight-shift comfort bars just to get a new harness. Not an ideal solution.

Second, there were just some things that could be done better to create an all around better harness. Here are some of the things addressed with the Super Harness:

  1. The shoulder straps are a little over 2 inches longer than on a FlatTop harness. This makes fitting to Big and Tall people much easier and more comfortable.
  2. The neck area between the shoulder straps is wider, giving more room for the back of your neck.
  3. Added protection for key wear spots on the back of the harness where the starter bolts rub. This is on the back cushion and the middle back area.
  4. Moved the reserve hang points on the shoulder straps forward to keep the pilot in an upright position when the reserve is deployed, verses tipped forward. Also made the reserve hang points more accessible.
  5. Made the harness adjustable. You can adjust how high you hang from the back and at your legs, so you can make weight shift more or less sporty. Or increase or decrease the amount of seat tilt.
  6. This harness is removable and can replace the sewn in harness on a FlatTop.
  7. The quick-release has an extra buckle you can use that will prevent accidental release while in flight. Mostly used while doing acro for extra safety.
  8. Solid seat board with no holes. Less likely to crack or break under load.
  9. New wider center restraint buckle to move the leg straps further out from center. Giving your crotch area more room!
  10. Where possible, construction of the harness is made with an industrial bar tacking machine. Along with heavier webbing, this gives the Super Harness super strength!
  11. And lastly, you can order a custom color combination if desired (sold separately).

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